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Terms and conditions:

Gift cards and Loyalty cards

Terms of gift cards and loyalty cards

The gift cards and loyalty cards are valid in the Sport Échange Outaouais store located in Gatineau, Québec, and online at www.sportechange.com as well as at www.sport-exchange.com

Using a Sport Échange gift card and loyalty card constitutes acceptance of the following conditions:

  • The gift card and loyalty card must have been activated in the store or online before using.
  • To pay your purchase with the card, present it in the store.
  • The monetary value of your purchases will be deducted from the card's value until the card's balance reaches zero.
  • Only a balance of $5 or less may be refunded in the store.
  • If the balance on the card is insufficient to cover the entire cost of your purchase, the difference will have to be paid using an alternative payment method.
  • The refund of a purchase paid with the gift card will be applied on a gift card.
  • The card is not a negotiable instrument and may not be resold.
  • The card is neither redeemable for cash nor refundable, except as required by law.
  • If lost or stolen, the card will not be replaced, unless an account has been opened in our Sport Échange app on iTunes and Android or online at https://sportechange.datacandyinfo.com
  • The card may be recharged in store.
  • No expiration date.

To see the available balance on your card, stop by the store or visit our website at https://sportechange.datacandyinfo.com

Accumulate points and redeem them in dollars with the loyalty program.

You may accumulate points when purchasing products and services and when exchanging goods. For each dollar spent (before taxes), you accumulate 0.05 point in store; when redeeming, 1 point = $1.

Points may be redeemed easily, at all times in store to reduce your invoice when purchasing goods.